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Guelph Dance

2015 Stage A

An evening of virtuosic, sensual, and highly emotional works from the best of Canadian dance from Guelph to Halifax.

Friday June 5th at 8pm in the Co-operators Hall of River Run Centre. There will be a Talkback following this performance.

Click here for Stage A tickets.

Margie Gillis Dance Foundation

Montreal, QC

Florilège, 2014
Choreography: Margie Gillis

Margie Gillis Dance Foundation. Photo by Valerie Simmons.

Margie Gillis Dance Foundation. Photo by Valerie Simmons.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of her career as a choreographer and soloist, Margie Gillis has composed a veritable bouquet of choreographic works. Florilège is a journey through time that provides a brief overview of some of her most emblematic works. Without shying away from the raw or, at times, primitive and instinctive tenor that characterizes these dance poems, here Margie presents a new interpretation of her work, enriched by the veneer of maturity that comes with age and experience of the dancing body. “In 20 years I have seen no-one who comes close to her extraordinary artistry as a solo performer” (San Francisco Chronicle).

To watch a preview of this piece, click here. For more information on Margie Gillis Dance Foundation, visit the Artist Bios page.

Rhonda Baker

Halifax, NS

Nutshell, 2014
Choreography: Sharon Moore

Rhonda Baker. Photo by Michele Doucette.

Rhonda Baker. Photo by Michele Doucette.

Nutshell is a work made for Rhonda Baker that utilizes her sensuality, technical prowess, and emotional depth. We witness the tied up, unfinished ends, unrelenting emotional reverberations, and the “I wish I had said that”, phrases of the heart. Nutshell had it’s world premiere in Halifax through Live Art Dance Productions in April 2014, where the performance received accolades from audience members and press alike, “Baker stunning in season ender…”

To watch a preview of this piece, click here. For more information on Rhonda Baker, visit the Artist Bios page.

Tony Chong Danse

Montreal, QC

Désillusions de l’Enchantement, 2011
Choreography: Tony Chong

Tony Chong Danse. Photo by Dave McLeod.

La Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty)
This trio explores sexual awakening and transformation. By concentrating on a girl’s development into womanhood, Sleeping Beauty is about her sexual discovery and empowerment. The original story’s puritan view is discarded here as the sexually-charged seductive games between the princess and her two male suitors are heightened.

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood), Excerpt
This hauntingly hypnotic duet questions the role and intention of its two protagonists. Is Little Red Riding Hood the victim or is she really the provocateur who is testing her sexual powers on the predator wolf? Is Little Red Riding Hood’s budding sexuality, curiosities, and seductive power leading this dance?

To watch a preview of this piece, click here. For more information on Tony Chong Danse, visit the Artist Bios page.

Julia Garlisi

Guelph, ON

Piece for the Year 1981, Premiere
Choreography: Julia Garlisi

Julia Garlisi. Photo by Jennifer Scime.

Julia Garlisi. Photo by Jennifer Scime.

The choreography of Piece for the Year 1981 uses the haunting piano composition of Lauri Vainmaa to communicate a narrative of challenge and uncertainty. This solo dance is a journey to find and accept personal authenticity. Though physical and technical by nature, the piece has a strong narrative understory, with images of strength and defeat that define the dancer throughout the choreography. We are so pleased to present such a talented local artist on our mainstage!

For more information on Julia Garlisi, visit the Artist Bios page.


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