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Guelph Dance

2018 Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: The Future of Contemporary Dance

Friday, June 1st, 2018
12:30pm to 2:oopm
Guelph Youth Dance Studios
42 Quebec Street, Guelph ON

The 2018 Guelph Dance Festival will be hosting a panel discussion on  the Future of Contemporary Dance. As we celebrate our 20th annual festival, we will be looking to our past to recognize our accomplishments and looking to the future to set the next steps.

Guelph Dance Festival would like to play a role in building relationships and providing a platform for women, youth, people of colour and Indigenous dance artists to tell their stories and speak their truths.  The panel discussion will be followed by break out sessions were participants are encouraged to bring forth their ideas, visions and concerns.

Panelists include  Sandra Laronde from Red Sky Peformance, Katie Ewald, local dancer/choreographer, Suzette Sherman, local dancer/choreographer, Emily Law and Ashley Perez from Mix Mix Dance Collective, Sharon B. Moore, Toronto based multidisciplinary dancer and choreographer and mentor of the Guelph Dance Breaking Ground Mentorship Program and Hope Sarah Gumahad and Sydney Runions from Canadian COntemporary Dance Theatre.

For more details check out or Blog.

If you missed the discussion at the 20th Annual Guelph Dance Festival, you can listen to recording broadcasted by CFRU on June 14, 2018 by accessing PART 1 & PART 2 of their archives.


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