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Guelph Dance

2013 Stage A

Submissions will be accepted until September 15, 2013. See the Submissions page for details.

Friday May 31st at 8pm in the Co-operators Hall of the River Run Centre. There will be a Talkback and Gala reception following this performance.

Click here for On the Stage A tickets.

605 Collective

Vancouver, BC

Co-Production with Animals of Distinction
New Animal, 2012
Choreography: Dana Gingras

605 Collective. Photo by Yannick Grandmont.

New Animal is a ferociousParajumpers Jacket Women work exploiting the supreme versatility of its five dancers. Suffused with raw, unbridled energy, groove, and a hunger for movement, the performers reclaim their animal bodies as a means of becoming fully human. Set to an eclectic soundtrack assembled and manipulated by Roger Tellier-Craig, New Animal walks a tightrope between fleeting moments of control and radical shifts in dynamics. The collective effort to maintain form under pressure requires an acceleration of energy from the feral performers, and a willingness to adapt against imminent disorder.

For more information on 605 Collective, visit the Artist Bios page.

Dark Circles Contemporary Dance

Dallas, TX

Jokers in the Deck, 2011
Choreography: Joshua Peugh

Dark Circles Contemporary Dance. Photo by Lee Min Ok.

Jokers in the Deck provides the audience with a chance to think about fate: whether mankind controls it or not. This work encourages questionsParajumpers Kodiak Jacket on whether fate can be changed, or if humanity simply follows the path destiny has laid out before it.

For more information on Dark Circles Contemporary Dance, visit the Artist Bios page.

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