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Guelph Dance

2013 Local Initiatives

Submissions will be accepted until September 15, 2013. See the Submissions page for details.

Behind the Scenes of Dance

Guelph, ON

David Earle. Photo by Anuta Skrypnychenko.

In anticipation of the Guelph Dance Festival, we will feature Vaughn Barclay’s documentary Heart at Night: David Earle in Guelph, an intimate portrait of contemporary dance legend, David Earle, one of Canada’s most beloved choreographers and a pioneer in modern dance.

This screening will be followed by a short documentary about the Guelph Dance Festival by Michele Ayoub, featuring performance footage and interviews with dance artists from last year’s Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival.

We will also invite local dance artists to share personal stories about their creative process.

Please join us for this intimate look through film and talk “behind the scenes” of creating contemporary dance, at 4:00pm on Saturday May 25th at The Bookshelf. All seats $10, kids 12 and under are free.

IMAGEO artworks

Guelph, ON

Invisible Hands, Premiere
Choreography: Georgia Simms in collaboration with Tanya Williams

IMAGEO artworks. Photo by Karolina Kuras.

Borrowing the metaphor used in political economic theory, Invisible Hands explores the many unseen but influential forces that govern our collective decision-making and actions. The dancers investigate a shift from persistent patterns of conflict and blame to ways of being that can truly hold complexity and foster empathy, understanding, and accountability.

The inspiration for this piece began with ideas of transition, motivated by research conducted by Musagetes through community dialogues hosted in Guelph. An emergent theme in these dialogues was democracy and the shared desire to create thriving systems of participation and co-existence to replace those of exploitation and separation.

Invisible Hands will be performed Friday May 31st at 5pm at the Dancetheatre David Earle studio.

For more information on IMAGEO artworks, visit the Artist Bios page.

Lynette Segal

Guelph, ON

Spontaneous Order, Premiere
Choreography: Lynette Segal

Lynette Segal. Photo by Eden Segal-Grossman.

“Sometimes we blur the distinction between art and life; sometimes we try to clarify it.  We don’t stand on one leg.  We stand on both.”  John Cage

Well, sometimes we stand on one.

A confluence of improvisation and choreography by Lynette Segal, danced by Janet Johnson and Lynette Segal with live music. Spontaneous Order will be performed twice:
-Thursday May 30th at 9pm at Silence at 46 Essex Street with live music by Ben Grossman. This show will be a co-presentation with Silence. The second part of the evening will be a solo performance by improviser and composer Peter Lutek on winds and electronics. This performance is pay-what-you-can.
-Saturday June 1st at 11am Silence at 46 Essex Street with live music by Matt Brubeck. This performance is pay-what-you-can.

For more information on Lynette Segal, visit the Artist Bios page.

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