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Guelph Dance

2013 In the Studio

Submissions will be accepted until September 15, 2013. See the Submissions page for details.

The In the Studio series performs on Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd, 2pm each day.

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Tracey Norman

Toronto, ON

Witness, 2013
Choreography: Tracey Norman

Tracey Norman. Photo by Craig Chambers.

Observation theory is the driving force behind the creation of Witness, a duet commissioned by JDdance. The work developed out of physical tasks stemming from the “observer effect” and an interest in how we alter our behavior or performance accordingly, based on our cognizance of being watched. There is a corresponding struggle to both overcome and embrace the idea of being viewed by others, and the two women in this work explore both the dark and light aspects of this in their relationship with each other and the viewer. This work had its world premiere in Toronto in April 2013.

For more information on Tracey Norman, visit the Artist Bios page.

Pamela Tzeng

Calgary, AB

I do not and I do, 2012
Choreography: Pamela Tzeng

Pamela Tzeng. Photo by Tim Nguyen.

I do not and I do stands as an exploration of identity and relationship through a surrealist lens. Inspiration for this came from the painting ‘Les Amants’ (The Lovers) by Belgian artist Rene Magritte and the poetic wavering words of Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet XLIV.

Entering the disjointed world  of the subconscious, two figures confront the insular struggles and pretences of their relationship. Vulnerability evoked by uncertainty stumbles to the forefront, unveiling the two selves’ questionable and unresolved love.

For more information on Pamela Tzeng, visit the Artist Bios page.

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