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Guelph Dance

2018 Youth Moves

Dancers under the age of 19 take the stage by storm with diverse contemporary works. Come see what seven Southern Ontario Youth Companies are creating!

Youth Moves 2018

Dancers under the age of 19, whose exuberance and enthusiasm is as infectious as it is inspiring, perform eclectic and exciting works created by professional choreographers. Watch these youth now, and later you’ll be able to say you knew them when!

$18/20 (adult before/after May 25)
$12/$15 (student/senior)
eyeGO: $5

Buy Youth Moves tickets online NOW or call the River Run Centre Box Office at 519-763-3000.


Dancers under the age of 19 take the stage with rich and playful contemporary works. Come and see the latest work from seven Ontario dance schools.

The Guelph Youth Dance Company

The Four Seasons Project: WINTER 2018
Choreographer: Lacey Smith
Director: Miko Sobreira

The Four Seasons Project was developed by Dasein Dance to bring youth together from different cities and to engage them in a collaborative creative process. Four youth groups from four cities will collectively create a reimagining of Vivaldi’s Four Season’s. The vocabulary has been developed, together with the youth, through a creative process provoked solely by Vivaldi’s score.

The Guelph Youth Dance Company have collaborated with Lacey and Miko to embody the music of Winter. We invite you to enjoy the rich layers, textures and images that Vivaldi’s winter movement inspired.

The full Four Season’s Project will premiere in 2019.

Julia Garlisi

Bildungsroman 2017
Choreographer: Julia Garlisi

This piece explores the emotional growth and spiritual journey of a young woman transitioning from adolescences to adulthood. Set to the music by Anges Obel, this highly dynamic solo dance blends moments of personal struggle with the perseverance of the human spirit. There are moments of power, loss, pain, urgency, grace and beauty as the dancer progresses and evolves in time and space. Though the term Bildungsroman has literary derivatives, and is primarily applicable in novels and prose, it is the chosen medium to express this story.

Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

YMI Dancing

Girl Interrupted 2012
Choreographer: Bethany Litner

Inspired by the novel by Susanna Kaysen, this piece explores the issue of mental health within society, predominately amongst young women. Within the piece, the dancers express what it feels like to be affected and overcome by emotion, as well as the importance of supporting others who are undergoing the same internal struggles. The piece begins very orderly and structured, as it builds so does a sense of chaos and anxiety. This sense of lose of control shadows the feeling of hopelessness that people with mental health experience.

Photo by John MacMurchy

CSD Dance Company, Contemporary School of Dance

Be The Change 2018
Choreographer: Georgina Rombough

The music motivates the choreography and inspires movement that embodies giving and receiving, caring and understanding, hope and peace.  Through improvisation tasks we explore movement inspired by the characteristics of human nature such as kindness, mercy and sympathy, and how gesture and contact movements can develop the meaning to the work.  We highlight the struggles and conflicts in society, as we promote being the change and not just waiting for the change! Each dancer directly supports a charitable organization, at local or global level, by purchasing a t-shirt from their chosen organization, to be worn as their costume.

Photo by Christine Parker-Reid


Swansea School of Dance

Shoalmates 2015
Choreographer: Christy Stoeten

Shoalmates playfully ponders the shoaling and schooling patterns of fish. At times we’ll witness the dancers working together as a unit, and at other times moving independently. The challenge to remain connected to the group as a whole, both visually and spatially is present throughout the work. Though the movement qualities and spatial patterns are inspired by fish, human characteristics reveal themselves, as the dancers work towards their common goals.

Photo by Christy Stoeten

Dasein Dance Young Company

From Darkness 2018
Choreographer: Lacey Smith

Inspired by Gregorio Allegri’s stunning Miserere Mei, From Darkness explores the idea that light can only be found in darkness.

“In our day and age, global society has been saturated with the wrong teaching of false positivity. The denial of darkness never equates the abundance of light. And the denial of your actual character never equates to the reality of your best character. … The caterpillar does not become a butterfly by telling everybody it has wings. It actually buries itself in darkness and grows those wings.”  ― C. JoyBell C.

Photo by Lacey Smith


Carousel Dance Company

Choreographer: Ken Pham

Dedicated to a friend, colouring explores the difficulties of mental health in a toxic relationship from one person’s perspective. Unaware of the reflections we’ve created of ourselves within all the people we meet who are trying to help.

Photo by Tim Uttley






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