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Guelph Dance

2018 On the Stage

Join us at the River Run Centre for two nights of contemporary dance featuring diverse and exciting artists from across Canada. Each night features different artists!

On the Stage A: Susie Burpee/Robyn Thomson Kacki, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre and Lina Cruz-Fila 13 Productions

River Run Centre-Co-operators Hall
Friday, June 1st at 8:30 PM
55 Minutes
No intermission

General Admission, $20 until May 25 and $25 after
Students and Seniors, $15 until May 25 and $20 after
Eyego, $5

Susie Burpee / Robyn Thomson Kacki


Cotton Handkerchiefs and Dog’s Tears 2017
Choreographer: Tedd Robinson

Photo by Mark Dela Cruz

Cotton Handkerchiefs and Dog’s Tears

Dancing, not dancing with boxes and big hearts
in suits black and dog’s crying,
handkerchiefs dropping, and hands holding,
piano wailing …
but the dog.
– Anonymous 18th century poem translated from the Dutch

Tedd Robinson has created an “elegiac ‘Godot-esque’ world in which dancers Susie Burpee and Robyn Thomson Kacki appear as co-conspirators” (Holly Harris, Dance International).  Robinson’s signature handling of objects and use of idiosyncratic gesture creates a sense of ritual purpose in this enigmatic and poignant duet.

Original score by Charles Quevillon, featuring Stella, Tedd’s dog.

Supported by the Manitoba Arts Council, the Winnipeg Arts Council, and the O’Neill Family Trust.

Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre

Toronto, Ontario

SEEDS.whisper 2017
Choreographer: Jennifer Archibald

We live in a world of noise. At what point are we free enough to allow our thoughts to go below surface level? Our body is constantly communicating with us, silently but powerfully. Do we listen to it?

Choreographed by NYC’s Jennifer Archibald, SEEDS.whisper is a fierce and powerful blend of classical ballet and hip hop set to intense and driving music by Haushka.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

Photo by David Hou

Lina Cruz-Fila 13 Productions

Montreal, Quebec

Tempo al Dente 2017
Choreographer: Lina Cruz

What to do with a two-faced clock running around like a chicken without a head?

Domestication, domestication! Carefree and nonchalant, two adventurous characters depart on a grand voyage, a pet clock, finally perfectly domesticated, follows obediently at their feet…

 Highly marked by an individuality, the dancers’ movements interconnect symbiotically, as if a contagious clockwork mechanics was, after all, overpowering them…

 Besides clock domestication, this duet is composed of: shiphorns announcing departure, little sensitive humming cries, vivacious physicality, unison text, music, a ravaging resolution, quirky dance vocabulary, on and off singing, odd vocal expressions and a profound love of Time…

Photo by Maxime Daigle

On the Stage B: Kaeja d’Dance, Pamela Tzeng and Mix Mix Dance Collective

River Run Centre-Co-operators Hall
Saturday, June 2nd at 8:00 PM
80 Minutes
No intermission

General Admission, $20 until May 25 and $25 after
Students and Seniors, $15 until May 25 and $20 after
Eyego, $5

Kaeja d’Dance

Photo by Irina Popova

Toronto, Ontario

Crave 2013
Choreographer: Karen Kaeja

Quadrupal Dora Mavor Moore 2017 nominated CRAVE and winner for outstanding male, CRAVE is poignant, romantic, whimsical and chaotic. A duet that mines intimacy while navigating loneliness, unsettledness and the hope that keeps us hanging on, Sarah Shugarman’s stunning score partners with the duo’s journey. As part of the pre-show, audience members are invited to join in an intimate slow dance on stage with a partner, friend or stranger—the perfect prelude to Crave.

Pamela Tzeng

Photo by Marc J Chalifoux

Calgary, Alberta

A Meditation on the End by Jo-Lee 2017
Choreographer: Pamela Tzeng

With death in arms, then at her feet, Jo-Lee muses on what has given her unconventionally conventional life meaning. In this bare bones duet, Tzeng leaps into fragmented memories of an imagined “other”, crafting a poetic and playful theatrical dance that embraces existential longing and mortality.

“A Meditation on the End” by Jo-Lee artistically mines the emotional landscape of grief.  The work draws from a fascination with the Buddhist concept of ‘bardos’ – the state of existence between two lives, after death and before one’s next birth and the phenomenon of life flashing before one’s eyes in near death experiences.

Mix Mix Dance Collective

Toronto, Ontario

Follow Me 2017
Choreographed  by Emily Law & Ashley Perez, with live music by DJ Classic Roots

Follow Me was created for the 2017 Games of La Francophonie in Abidjan, where they were selected to be part of Team Canada as part of the cultural component! Their motivation for competing in the games was to celebrate the excellence in artistry, athleticism, and expression Canada has to offer.  The group performs with live music by DJ Classic Roots, who brings the sexy heartbeat of the boreal north to life with his unique brand of Electronica and pow wow techno.

Photo by Zhenya Cerneacov​


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