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Guelph Dance

2018 In the Studio

Witness the development of four new pieces by the choreographers who participated in the brand-new Breaking Ground Mentorship Program.

Breaking Ground Performances

Guelph Youth Dance Studios, 42 Quebec Street
Saturday, June 2 at 4:00 PM and Sunday, June 3 at 2:00 PM
General Admission $10
Buy your tickets in advance at the River Run Centre or on site using cash, debit or credit

New this year, the Guelph Dance In the Studio series will include four works by local artists breaking new ground.  Julia Garlisi, Amber Sherwood Robinson, Solana Del Bel Belluz and Robert Kingsbury all have worked under the mentorship of choreographer Sharon B. Moore (Toronto).  During a four-day intensive dance artists had the opportunity to discover new tools in developing their craft as well as the time and space to explore, all with the support of their peers along the way.

The In the Studio series performances are the results of this process!

Solana Del Bel Belluz


Titan 2018
Choreographer: Solana Del Bel Belluz

Titan is a physical meditation on the adaptive, responsive, and powerful architecture of the human body. The work is a continuous, folding and unfolding revolution of two bodies engaged with space and one another. It is also a duet intended to highlight the tender, striking, and personable qualities of the two interpreters: Nickle Peace-Williams and Magali Casaubon. How do we form a miniature maquette of our surroundings and place it at our core, allow it to move us? How can we become the tiny puppeteer which conducts the colossal titan of ourselves?

Amber Sherwood-Robinson


Unknown 2018
Choreographer: Amber Sherwood-Robinson

This piece was originally developed with eight dancers aged nine to 13, and seemed to turn into something dealing with conformity vs. individuality. Since re-working the piece on older dancers, it has taken on an all new meaning, driven by the music and the group’s experiences during the mentorship process. It was fascinating to see how the dancers’ ages and life experiences shaped the piece, and was so inspiring that it greatly informed the creative process. Incorporating elements inherent in both versions of the piece was important, as was the input of all those involved in the mentorship.

not applicable productions


Re:set 2018
Choreographer: Robert Kingsbury

An exploration of interfacing with virtual technologies that mines a decade of videogame-playing for sensations, movements and internal meanings. Is performative dance in its Western art canon context already a technology of virtual embodiment? How does a body wear a technology of movement?

Julia Garlisi


now and at the hour 2018
Choreographer: Julia Garlisi

This piece explores the theme of anguish, defeat and personal resilience. In the moment of loss, there is a silence so loud it breaks the soul. The heart might beat but the pounding haunts the body evermore. This singular moment in time is the essence of the piece. How do we carry on alone after losing a significant part of ourselves and our lives?

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