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Guelph Dance

2017 On the Stage

A shared program of musical and virtuosic contemporary dance.

On the Stage: Suzette Sherman, Dreamwalker Dance Company, and Belinda McGuire

Saturday June 3rd, 8pm
Co-operators Hall, River Run Centre
35 Woolwich Street, Guelph

$28/$30 (adult before/after May 28)
$20 (student/senior)

Followed by a post-show talkback.

Buy On the Stage tickets online NOW or call the River Run Centre Box Office at 519-763-3000.

Suzette Sherman

Guelph, ON

Three Musical Reflections (2017)
Choreography: Suzette Sherman

“Music summons stories from our lives” (David Earle).

For me these beautiful pieces suggest the following. To Be Open speaks to the ever possible uncertainty in relationships. Thread Through Time is an offering to the power and beauty of enduring friendship. As It Is moves from disillusion to renewal.

The music for Three Musical Reflections is from acclaimed Canadian musicians Gregory Hoskins (Guelph), Emilyn Stam (Toronto) and the late Oliver Schroer. I am thrilled to have Gregory and Emilyn joining us to perform in the festival.

Falling into Footsteps (2017)
Choreography: Suzette Sherman

The seed of this dance came one winter day while walking an icy trail slipping in and out of frozen footprints left by previous travellers. I am intrigued by paths, shared and yet unique and different, in our life journeys. Original music was created for Falling Into Footsteps by Adam Bowman, an esteemed local musician and friend. Our close collaboration helped me realize this piece.


Dreamwalker Dance Company

Toronto, ON

A Crazy Kind of Hope (2013)
Choreography: Sarah Chase and Andrea Nann

A Crazy Kind of Hope is an intimate solo performance combining beautifully articulate, hypnotic movement patterns with stories of hope and heartbreak. The piece is made in the unique dance-storytelling form of choreographer Sarah Chase who devises movement patterns to provoke private memories and personal stories from the exquisite and eloquent dancer, co-creator/performer, Andrea Nann. In the piece, Nann introduces a few simple numbered patterns of movement gestures. These patterns begin to intersect and harmonize, creating a heightened poetic landscape, where Andrea’s own spoken stories unfold into realms of water, flowers, surf, loss, and love.


Belinda McGuire

Toronto, ON

Anthem for the Living (2011)
Choreography: Sharon B. Moore

Stirring, mysterious and tremendously physical, Moore’s Anthem for the Living unleashes deep layers of McGuire through textured and magnetic movement, which synthesizes dance, theatre and circus.

“…I found myself grasping for words to explain the weirdness and intensity of her performance. Nothing about my view had felt narrowed or zoomed-in on. McGuire made the piece feel less like a solo and more like a large ensemble work danced by one. Set to a dramatic orchestral score by Alexander Balanescu, Anthem looks like a Peter Greenaway movie on fast-forward, and McGuire seems to play a dozen parts that span centuries and styles. At one point, she is muttering to herself with the mannered gesticulations of a Baroque courtesan, an effect enhanced by her alabaster face and staccato acting. At another, she looks edgy and modern, shifting into a sequence of athletic splits on the floor.”

– Martha Schabas, The Globe and Mail

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