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Guelph Dance

2017 Dance Market

The Dance Market is an interactive celebration of all aspects of health and wellbeing. The marketplace features demonstrations for people who are interested in health, wellness, and movement of all types.

Dance Market 2017

Saturday, June 3, 1:00 pm
Exhibition Park (rain location: Old Quebec Street Mall)
Cost: donations appreciated

Stay after the In the Park performance (12-1 pm) to try some different movement forms from local practitioners. You can extend your lovely day in the park even more by checking out the fun activities happening during the Creativity Picnic, which goes until 4 pm!


1:00 – Georgia Simms, IMAGEO artworks
1:10 – Janet Ragan, Nia Guelph
1:20 – Yvonne Weiss, Talam57, Bharatanatyam
1:30 – Janet Johnson, Gyrokinesis®
1:40 – Jayelle Lindsay and Lisa GillOrme, Living Yoga & Health
1:50 – Katie Ewald, Kinetic Pilates and Rehabilitation
2:00 – Janet Lemon Williams, Dance Therapy
2:10 – Sarah Jane Burton, Park’n Dance
2:20 – Lindsay Gunn-Ouellette, Friends of the Floor
ongoing – Monique ten Kortenaar, The Mitzvah Technique (one-on-one mini sessions)

Georgia Simms, IMAGEO artworks –;
IMAGEO artworks mobilizes innovation in educational and cultural experiences integrating dance and movement into facilitation, professional development and process design. The demo will offer insight into our weekly improvisation class/practice where we explore individual, interactive and compositional choices and experiment with creative structures from highly specific to completely open.

Janet Ragan, Nia;
Weekly Nia classes and seasonal  Nia  workshops.  Nia is a blend of dance, martial arts and healing arts such as yoga. The movement is creative and  inspiring and can be enjoyed by all levels of participant. Come and enjoy a playful movement experience, and feel energized and inspired!

Yvonne Weiss, Talam57, Bharatanatyam
Yvonne Weiss is a classically trained Bharatanatyam dancer. Bharatanatyam is a South Indian classical dance going back thousands of years. It combines foot rhythms and expressive hand gestures to tell ancient Vedic stories expressing very human as well as divine emotions. It is a dance that utilizes all of the body from head to toe and involves deep mental and emotional concentration. Click the link above to learn more about Bharatanatyam classes in Guelph.

Janet Johnson,;
Developed in New York City, Gyrokinesis benefits both the body in rehab and anyone seeking greater ease of movement, strength and flexibility in a new, invigorating and thoughtful manner. While highly physical and filled with lush movement, Gyrokinesis integrates several patterns of breathing and elements of Qi Gong, creating an inspired, intelligent and affective movement practice.

Jayelle Lindsay and Lisa GillOrme, Living Yoga and Health;
A yoga studio that support everyone who visits in finding rejuvenation of spirit, relief from stress and physical discomfort and guidance in the yoga practices which nurture these goals. Our classes encourage non-competition and self-acceptance. Our 10-minute demo will be an all-levels, all-ages flow of basic yoga postures.

Katie Ewald, Kinetic Pilates and;
Pilates is an innovative system of body-mind exercises first developed by Joseph Pilates (1883-1967). At Kinetic Pilates and Rehabilitation, Katie Ewald works with students on postural symmetry and core control to facilitate optimal movement of the spine, hips and shoulders.  Muscular flexibility, joint mobility and strengthening through the complete range of motion of all joints are incorporated into every class. Instead of isolating muscle groups, the whole body is trained, integrating the upper and lower extremities in every plane. Katie’s demo will give a taste of the benefits of Pilates, placing a strong emphasis on functional anatomy, engaging specific muscles, and releasing others. You will leave with a fantastic feeling of openness and groundedness!

Janet Lemon Williams, Dance
Janet primarily teaches groups in what she describes as a collision of Alexander Technique, Anatomy of Movement, Contact Improvisation, Dance, Developmental Movement, Pilates and Rolfing. Her demo will be a group movement class that will help people become connected to their deep anatomical structures through movement. Appropriate for dancers, movers, somatic workers, age 12 and up.

Sarah Jane Burton, Park’n;; Park’n Dance gives weekly dance classes in Guelph to people with Parkinson’s. We will have some of our dancers participate in a short demonstration of some sequences. Park’n Dance generally works with seniors.

Friends of the Floor –;
Contact Improvisation (CI) is an improvised modern dance form using weight, touch, and lifts in organic movement. Originating 50 years ago from Akido falls and practices, it has been morphing ever since its birth. There are underlying principles in the personal, interpersonal, philosophical and physical realms. It is a creative and in-the-moment dance, with more focus on experience than aesthetics. It deals with physicality, connection, and can lead to a deep community. CI accommodates all ages, levels of experience and ability.

Monique ten Kortenaar, The Mitzvah
Developed by Nehemia Cohen in Toronto, the Mitzvah Technique reduces muscle tension and pain in one’s body, improves posture and flexibility and increases ease of movement. This movement discipline encompasses manipulation of one’s body and elongation of one’s muscles on a massage table by a Mitzvah Technique teacher, as well as the so-called “Mitzvah exercise on the chair” as a tool to release stress and muscle tension from one’s body.

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