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Guelph Dance

2013 Youth Moves

Submissions will be accepted until December 1, 2013. See the Submissions page for details.

See the action Sunday June 2nd at 4pm in the Co-operators Hall of the River Run Centre.

Click here for Youth Moves tickets.

Carousel Dance Company

Waterloo, ON

Ticking Clocks, 2012
Choreography: Bea Benian

Carousel Dance Company. Photo by Libby Askin.

Ticking Clocks is about the constant rush of life in an over-stimulated society always running against time.

For more information on the Carousel Dance Company, visit the Artist Bios page.

The Chimera Project’s Company B

Toronto, ON

One Against Many, 2013
Choreography: Malgorzata Nowacka

Chimera Project – Company B. Photo by Paul Devisser.

One Against Many is a movement meditation about the origin of behavioural change and the path that the catalyst of this may take.

For more information on the Chimera Project’s Company B, visit the Artist Bios page.

Contemporary School of Dance

Waterloo, ON

Return, Premiere
Choreography: Robyn Ellis and Natasha King

Contemporary School of Dance. Photo by Robyn Ellis and Natasha King.

Return to Oz is an unofficial Disney film sequel to the much-loved Wizard of Oz, and a more accurate adaptation of the Frank L. Baum books. In contrast to the usually opulent Emerald City, Return to Oz depicts a foray into a ruined empire, highlighted by quirky, discordant characters and an unsettling storyline. Contemporary Dance Theatre and DanceWorks, the performing companies of Contemporary School of Dance, have combined their artistic talents to bring you a glimpse of the subject matter embodied by this cult classic—the ability of dreams to twist the familiar and expose our subconscious fears, precarious adventures that reveal the most obscure aspects of our personalities.

For more information on the Contemporary School of Dance, visit the Artist Bios page.

Guelph Youth Dance Company

Guelph, ON

In an orderly fashion, Premiere
Choreography: Julia Garlisi

Guelph Youth Dance Company. Photo by Francois Tuefferd.

This playful and energetic piece of choreography takes place on the playground in a schoolyard. The young children are free to roam, play, and explore given the confines of order and discipline that surround them. This piece follows the youth in their journey to be authentic and original in a controlled environment. They move through the space with such freedom and innocence. As the piece progresses so does their physicality and intensity in the movements. One question remains… How does one have the courage to be an individual while belonging to a group?

For more information on the Guelph Youth Dance Company, visit the Artist Bios page.

no. 369 Collective

Orangeville, ON

Once there was a little girl…, Premiere
Choreography: Kerri-Ann Hutton and Sarah Felschow

no.369 Dance Collective. Photo by Janice Smithers.

This piece delves into the children’s classic Little Red Riding Hood, with a dark approach to the work. While young friends frolic, a monster lurks in the shadows just waiting to consume each one of them. Little Red must risk a journey through the forest to visit her grandmother and avoid a deadly meeting with the wolf. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf???

For more information on the no.369 Collective, visit the Artist Bios page.

Swansea School of Dance

Toronto, ON

The Future Within, 2012
Choreography: Julia Aplin

Swansea School of Dance. Photo by Michelle de Brouwer.

Young dancers, magicians of movement, alchemists of the truth, listening to the hum of the earth, connecting to the very centre and moving forward. Looking for the future even though we cannot know. All we can do is approach with as much peace, love, harmony, beauty, joy, kindness, courage, strength and wisdom as we possibly muster. The piece is dedicated to Lhasa whose music has inspired the choreographer many times over.

For more information on the Swansea School of Dance, visit the Artist Bios page.

YMI Dancing

Toronto, ON

Kids, 2011
Choreography: Kate Franklin

YMI Dancing. Photo by Alexandra Ballyk.

Kids is a fresh, cool dance explosion based around intricate rhythms and fun. The piece features eight dancers clad in brightly coloured jeans doing complex partner work, tight unison, and daring solos to the infectious beats of music by Sleigh Bells and their own clapping. It expresses teenagehood, a zest for life and the laughter that ensues from one another’s company.

For more information on YMI Dancing, visit the Artist Bios page.

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