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Guelph Dance

2015 Workshops

Stretch your boundaries and join Festival artists for workshops showcasing their styles. Designed for all levels, ages 14+.

Dancing from the Inside Out

with Margie Gillis
Saturday June 6th
Guelph Youth Music Centre, 75 Cardigan Street

Margie Gillis. Photo by Valerie Simmons.

Margie Gillis. Photo by Valerie Simmons.

This workshop supports participants to discover the wisdom of their bodies as well as to connect with the curiosity and awe that initiates and inspires movement.

With gentle mediation we open to the exploration of the body in motion to deepen our understanding of health, communication, and the development of creativity. With supported curiosity, the participants are sensitized to the links between their thoughts, emotions, and body. The emphasis is placed on the natural kinetic process, and on how our “inner landscape” is naturally expressed in the muscles through movement. By listening to the body’s intelligence, we will begin to dance from the inside out.

You can see Margie Gillis perform at Stage A. For more information on Margie Gillis, visit the Artist Bios page.

This workshop is sold out. Come to the door at 9:45am if you want to chance replacing a cancelled student.

Conceptual Hip Hop

with Tentacle Tribe
Sunday June 7th
Dancetheatre David Earle Studios, 42 Quebec Street

Tentacle Tribe. Photo by Panda Oslo.

Tentacle Tribe. Photo by Panda Oslo.

Elon & Emmanuelle, founders of Tentacle Tribe, have through years of experience as professional dancers (Cirque du Soleil, Rubberbandance, B-boyIZM, Cirque Eloize) developed a unique approach to dance by fusing diverse movement philosophies from a wide variety of techniques.

In this workshop, we will draw concepts from different street styles such as Popping and Breaking from a contemporary viewpoint to expand our vocabulary with an eye to an increased level of body awareness and movement consciousness. Through geometrical shapes we will explore the capacity for the human body to inhabit multiple planes of space. Protective gear such as knee pads, shoes, and hat recommended. Dance without boundaries!

You can see Tentacle Tribe perform at Stage B. For more information on Tentacle Tribe, visit the Artist Bios page.

Some spots remaining – please purchase at the door!

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