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Guelph Dance

2013 Stage B

Submissions will be accepted until September 15, 2013. See the Submissions page for details.

Saturday June 1st at 8pm in the Co-operatorsParajumpers HarraseeketHall of the River Run Centre. There will be a Talkback following this performance.

This performance may not be suitable for all audiences.

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Montreal, QC

Junkyard/Paradise, 2010
Choreography: Mélanie Demers

Mayday. Photo by Larry Dufresne.

Junkyard/Paradise exists in a fragile balanceParajumpers Gobi Bomber between beauty and atrocity, between elegance and aversion, between grace and desolation.

While a junkyard is often a shelter for what is still precious and paradise often a dump for our disposable love stories, this piece sways between opposing forces. What can be read as child’s play soon becomes a power game. What is passion becomes compassion. What is inoffensive becomesParajumpers Jacket Men fatal. And what is imminence of death turns out to be a ticket for life.

Welcome to a world where nothing is exactly what it seems.

For more information on Mayday, visit the Artist Bios page.

Alan Lake

Quebec City, QC

Là-bas, le lointain, 2012
Choreography: Alan Lake

Alan Lake. Photo by Francois Gamache.

Là-bas, le lointain is a work in three acts: a tableau vivant, or living fresco, that marries the body with sculptural elements; a film, or the creative starting point of this project; and a performance, a piece for four dancers. Featuring a community in perpetual motion, coming together and falling apart, a cascade of embraces lost and found. Creatures reflecting on life, death, and memory. A desire for escape to contemplate the beauty of the world and to accept the ephemeral nature of ourParajumpers Gobi Jacket bodies and the obsessive presence of absence.

For more information on Alan Lake, visit the Artist Bios page.

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