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Guelph Dance

2014 On the Stage B

A special full-length performance by Canada's most innovative dance artists.

Saturday May 31st at 8pm in the Co-operators Hall of the River Run Centre. There will be a Talkback following this performance.

Click here for On the Stage B tickets.

Shannon Litzenberger Contemporary Dance

Toronto, ON

Everyday Marvels, 2013
Choreography: Shannon Litzenberger, Robert Abubo, Julia Aplin, Susie Burpee, Valerie Calam, Marie-Josée Chartier, Peter Chin, and Dan Wild

Shannon Litzenberger Contemporary Dance. Photo by Kevin Konnyu.

Named one of the top 15 things to see at Nuit Blanche by both Toronto Life and The Globe and Mail, Shannon Litzenberger’s Everyday Marvels is an episodic performance installation based on Governor General Award-winning poet Lorna Crozier’s “The Book of Marvels – A compendium of everyday things”. Everyday Marvels brings to life the objects we too often take for granted…a flashlight, spoons, a radiator.

Directed by Shannon Litzenberger, in collaboration with Susie Burpee and Marie-Josée Chartier, Everyday Marvels features thirteen short vignettes, performed by over 25 professional and community-based dancers, including an enthusiastic team of bankers from the Royal Bank of Canada’s premiere dance group – The Mobile Assets.

Choreography: Shannon Litzenberger

Choreography: Peter Chin

Choreography: Robert Abubo

Choreography: Shannon Litzenberger

Choreography: Susie Burpee

Choreography: Valerie Calam

Choreography: Peter Chin

The Midnight News
Choreography: Marie-Josée Chartier

Choreography: Dan Wild

Choreography: Julia Aplin

Choreography: Dan Wild

Choreography: Marie-Josée Chartier

Choreography: Shannon Litzenberger

For more information on Shannon Litzenberger Contemporary Dance, visit the Artist Bios page.

We are excited to announce that Lorna Crozier will read from her award-winning book as a guest of the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival in partnership with the Fab 5.

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