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Guelph Dance

2014 On the Stage A

Two distinct works featuring exceptional, cutting-edge dance works by accomplished choreographers.

Friday May 30th at 8pm in the Co-operators Hall of the River Run Centre. There will be a Talkback and Reception following this performance.

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Mocean Dance

Halifax, NS

A leash for two hounds, 2013
Choreography: Lesandra Dodson

Mocean Dance. Photo by Holly Crooks.

 A leash for two hounds explores male/female coupling in an untraditional manner, focusing on the relationship between man and animal. An animated pursuit, it touches on survival of the fittest and plays with action/reaction patterns, illustrating shifts in power between man versus animal. The audience is rarely allowed to see the dancers’ faces, serving to narrow the focus on the nuance and subtlety of the dancers’ performance.

For more information on Mocean Dance, visit the Artist Bios page.

Sinha Danse

Montreal, QC

Hi5 Lo5 wifi takka takka dhim, 2011
Choreography: Roger Sinha

Sinha Danse. Photo by Michael Slobodian.

Hi5 Lo5 wifi takka takka dhim, a dialogue for four dancers, is a piece about intolerance, bullying, and cyber-bullying. The piece originally stemmed from the experiences of the choreographer when he arrived in Canada in 1968 as a young immigrant of colour. Much of it is autobiographical. The piece also reflects contemporary society’s obsession with smart phones and social media, so prevalent in our daily life, particularly for teenagers.

By combining contemporary dance, Indian dance, and martial arts, Roger Sinha is taking a more universal approach and going beyond his own personal experiences.

For more information on Sinha Danse, visit the Artist Bios page.

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