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Guelph Dance

2014 Local Initiatives

Local Initiatives, exclusively for local dance artists, pushes the Festival into exciting new directions as we follow their lead.

Join us on Friday May 30th at 4pm at Boarding House Arts for a showcase of our local talent. The series is pay-what-you-can, suggested donation of $15. Don’t carry cash? Donate online ahead of time! Wine and tasters provided by OX Guelph, beer provided by Wellington Brewery.

Katie Ewald

Guelph, ON

Disappearing Geography, 2008
Choreography: Katie Ewald

Katie Ewald. Photo by Jacklyn Barber.

“Architects are known as psychic geographers – they measure possible interactions between humans and space.” Sheryda Warrener, Curio

Set in an unadorned space, this is an ode to the architecture that is present in the room and to the state of being alone on stage. The dancer draws her body into the space in an effort to give agency to the architecture.

Like a tuning fork, the dancer attempts with each gesture to make these architectural acts visible. The viewer oscillates between the single body in space: how it borders that which is not her, and how the edges and surfaces contain or stand apart from her. This dance is her negotiation with solitude.

For more information onKatie Ewald, visit the Artist Bios page.

Lynette Segal and Steph Yates

Guelph, ON

Echo, Premiere
Choreography: Lynette Segal and Steph Yates

Lynette Segal and Steph Yates. Photo by Isabel Segal-Grossman. Artwork by Michaela Cruz.

This new work explores the two-way transmission of an unfolding event. A responsive, shifting ‘lead and follow’ is injected into patterns and sequences across this series of duets in both movement and sound.

After Omeros by Derek Walcott:
He saw with his ears.

a sixth sense,
like the moon without an hour or second hand
saw it unclench the fists
rippling with the river

of the full moon.

This piece is co-presented by the Hillside Festival, as part of a Fab 5 collaboration. For more information on Lynette Segal and Steph Yates, visit the Artist Bios page.

Dance Floor by Adrienne Spier, featuring Robert Kingsbury.

In addition to these two performances, witness a collaboration between dancer/choreographer Robert Kingsbury and visual artist Adrienne Spier, in conjunction with the Guelph Dance Festival.  Spier has re-constructed a floor, which heaves and buckles, made from locally sourced discarded parquet.  Kingsbury will negotiate this unpredictable, moving surface with his body. This will take place on the 2nd floor of the Boarding House, in the Arts Incubator Residency.

Photo of Tim Wilson’s film, To Make Ends Meet, featuring artist Vida Simon.

To Make Ends Meet is a short film by Halifax-based director Tim Wilson. It explores the relationship between the installation and performance work of contemporary artist Vida Simon and the local community of Tilting, Fogo Island, Newfoundland. This film is co-presented by the Festival of Moving Media, in collaboration with the Fab 5.

For more information on Tim Wilson, visit the Artist Bios page.

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