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Guelph Dance

2016 In the Park

Four dance companies, two parks, four shows, up, down, and all around! See contemporary dance in the beautiful settings of Exhibition Park and - new in 2016 - Hanlon Creek Park!

In the Park 2016: Exhibition Park and Hanlon Creek Park

Check out video footage from the 2016 In the Park performances!

Thursday, June 2, 7:00 pm – Exhibition Park, London Road West, Guelph, ON
Friday, June 3, 5:30 pm – Hanlon Creek Park, Kortright Road West, Guelph, ON *
Saturday, June 4, 12 pm – Exhibition Park, followed by Creativity Picnic, 1-4 pm! *
Sunday, June 5, 12 pmExhibition Park

We’re having food trucks at our Friday and Saturday In the Park shows!!
Friday: Sweet Temptations Cupcakery (yummy!) and Cafe du Monde Creperie (sweet and savoury!)
Saturday: Sweet Temptations Cupcakery (again – yummy!) and Schmuck Truck (gourmet street comfort food!)

Cost: pay-what-you-can (suggested donation of $15). Don’t carry cash? Donate online ahead of time!

Inclement weather venues:
River Run Centre for the Friday, 5:30 pm performance
Guelph Youth Studios for the Saturday and Sunday, 12 pm performances
NOTE: There is no rain location for the Thursday, 7:30 pm performance

 Notification about the decision to move to indoor venue will be posted on the website. 


Vancouver, BC

Birds Land (2016)
Choreography: Julia Taffe

Birds Land is a two-part vertical and contemporary dance site work drawing inspiration from the behaviour of birds. Created on location in response to natural terrain, a trio of dancers explores the ground at Hanlon Creek Park (with special guest performers – the Youth Dance Day participants) and takes to the trees in Exhibition Park. Birds Land is based on a concept that Aeriosa developed in 2015 at Tofino Botanical Gardens and North Chesterman Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

For more information on Aeriosa, visit the Artist Bios page.
small aeriosa

Frog in Hand

Mississauga, ON

Dragon (2015)
Choreography: Colleen Snell, in collaboration with the performers

Dragon tells the epic story of two men on a quest to slay a dragon, but their encounter does not go as planned. Instead, they learn the true meaning of courage and the redemptive power of empathy. This production blends swordplay with dance and visual design. Frog in Hand manipulates the dragon legend as a way of studying greed, humanity’s strained relationship with nature, the power of movement to cross borders between cultures and the overarching importance of myth and archetype in defining a collective human identity. This is of course in addition to swashbuckling fun and spine tingling thrills!

For more information on Frog in Hand, visit the Artist Bios page.


Ferenc Fehér


Tao Te (2010) (excerpt)
Choreography: Ferenc Fehér

The title of this duet for two male dancers derives from the legendary Chinese sage, Lao Tze’s famous and well-known work, Tao Te Ching – The Path of Virtue. In the title, Tao refers to the path, the way, the universal law; and Te refers to virtue – the power through which tao manifests itself. The task is to maintain harmony. The old script invites one to search for a virtuous and meaningful life but it also describes the failure that this search involves. A tension that is visible in the dance. The physical dance is a story of two men with different characters and attitudes. Are they friends, brothers, or just strangers? Their characters evolves through a series of situations, conflicts, inner struggles and failures. They change and develop just as the path changes. Can they find the desired harmony in the end?

For more information on Ferenc Fehér , visit the Artist Bios page.

Ferenc_Feher_TAO TE_photo_by_Busana

Hidden Heart Collective

Guelph, ON

Oblivion Shift (2016)
Choreography: Mistyna Wilcock, Mike Tracz, Meghan MacNeil

Thousands of missed connections, bodies moving through space, wrapped up in their own oblivion. Connections made lack meaning and content….We drift, we shift, we connect, but do we really…we drift, we shift, we connect, and it goes on. Are we really there in the moment, or without conscious thought has there already been a shift to the next moment, seeking a better moment? How does it feel to have eyes open to really see, hear, and fully experience, unguarded?

For more information on Hidden Heart Collective, visit the Artist Bios page.

cropped hidden heartGuelphFab5

Guelph Youth Jazz Ensemble

The Guelph Youth Jazz Ensemble opens each performance and leads the audience from piece to piece. Come hear the jazz musicians of tomorrow today! Co-presented with the Guelph Jazz Festival.

epng blue 2

550638_462168030476759_686971080_n2 rivers

Photos top-bottom: Aeriosa, photo by Nicholas Podbrey; Aeriosa, photo by Nicholas Podbrey; Frog in Hand, photo by Noelle Hamlyn; Ferenc Feher, photo by Busana; Hidden Heart Collective, photo by Michelle Tracz


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