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Guelph Dance

2014 In the Park

From the sublime to the unexpected, three family-friendly dance pieces enliven Exhibition Park.

In the Park performs on Thursday May 29th at 7pm, Saturday May 31st at noon, and Sunday June 1st at noon. The series is pay-what-you-can, suggested donation of $15. Don’t carry cash? Donate online ahead of time!

Hidden Heart Collective

Guelph, ON

Counterpoise, Premiere
Choreography: Meghan MacNeil and Mistyna Wilcock

Hidden Heart Collective. Photo by Andy Ernewein.

Counterpoise explores the on-going journey of finding and restoring precious balance. The piece investigates both the physical act of bodies balancing weight and the act of balancing all of the many aspects of the human experience, including the dynamics of balance within relationships.

Counterpoise attempts to discover a perfect physical, mental, and spiritual harmony by summarizing the elusive balance that many people strive for in everyday life.

For more information on Hidden Heart Collective, visit the Artist Bios page.

Human Playground

Montreal, QC

Auto-Fiction, 2009
Choreography: Milan Gervais

Human Playground. Photo by Sandra Lynn Bélanger.

Embedded into public space, Auto-Fiction features two dancers and an automobile. They walk, run, roll over, propel, and fall on this car composing a choreographic track between dance and urban acrobatics. Auto-Fiction is a descent at full speed. It explores the multiple relationships we maintain with our cars ranging from fatal accidents to travel stories, channeling from the worlds of road trip movies and traffic reports. Auto-Fiction’s poetic power evokes one’s imagination and personal responsibility.

For more information on Human Playground, visit the Artist Bios page.

Across Oceans

Toronto, ON

Untitled, Premiere
Choreography: Maxine Heppner

Across Oceans. Photo by Christos Giotis.

This new work was created in the past two weeks by a community of performers specifically for Guelph’s Exhibition Park, facilitated with choreography by Maxine Heppner.

Across Oceans creates opportunities for artists and the public to explore the collaborative experience of artmaking, whether its in conventional theatres, galleries, and studios or unconventional settings such as wading pools, historic sites, formal salons, breweries, hilltops, harbours, and rice fields.

For more information on Across Oceans, visit the Artist Bios page.

Guelph Youth Dance Company

Guelph, ON

In an orderly fashion, 2013
Choreography: Julia Garlisi


Mix Mix Dance Collective

Toronto, ON

Choreography: Emily Law and Ashley Perez


Mix Mix Dance Collective. Photo by Jesse Catibog.

JACK YOUR BODY investigates issues of race, gender, and class by blending genres of dance including waacking, voguing, hip hop, and house with contemporary concepts. The cast will pose, strut, waack, and jack their way through Paradise Garage, Soul Train, and more.

JACK YOUR BODY is inspired in part by the history of gender-bending inherent in waacking and voguing, two dance forms created by gay men who were also ethnic minorities in clubs in L.A. and Rikers Island. Though originally created by men, both dances fall into stereotypically-female body positions and movements. The result is an interesting fusion of gender-bending that came about through imitation of famous female movie stars and models like Marilyn Monroe or Greta Garbo while socializing with others through movement and dance.

For more information on Mix Mix Dance Collective, visit the Artist Bios page.

GUH. Photo by Yvonne Bambrick.

GUH will open the three Park performances and lead the audience from piece to piece, as the Guelph Jazz Festival’s Fab 5 contribution. “…simultaneously playing with the precision of a classical chamber orchestra and the abandon of a garage-full of punks.” Matt Galloway, NOW.

For more information on GUH, visit the Artist Bios page.

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