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Guelph Dance

2016 Dance Market

The Dance Market is an interactive celebration of all aspects of health and wellbeing. The marketplace features demonstrations for people who are interested in health, wellness, and movement of all types.

Dance Market 2016

Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5, 1:00 pm
Cost: donations appreciated

Stay in Exhibition Park after the In the Park performances (12-1 pm) to try out some of these different movement forms. (Rain location: Guelph Youth Studios, 42 Quebec Street, Guelph)

1:00-1:10 – Living Yoga & Health – Lisa GillOrme
1:10-1:20 – Nia – Janet Ragan
1:20-1:30 – Guelph Youth Dance – Kelly Steadman
1:30-1:40 – Kinetic Pilates and Rehabilitation – Katie Ewald (Saturday only) // Mitzvah Technique – Monique ten Kortenaar (Sunday only)
1:40-1:50 – Dance Therapy – Rebecca Barnstaple
1:50-2:00 – Movement Therapy – Janet Lemon Williams
2:00-2:10 – Gyrokinesis® – Janet Johnson (Sunday only)

Living Yoga & Health- Lisa GillOrme
[email protected][email protected]
519-265-0581 / 519-767-1041

Living Yoga & Health is a registered yoga studio for people of all abilities. In Lisa’s demonstration, participants will experience sun salutes, downdog, lunges, different warrior poses, and twists. Suitable for all ages!

Nia – Janet Ragan
[email protected]
Phone (519) 827-7250

Nia is a fitness program that combines dance, martial arts, and healing arts to create a class that is challenging and pleasurable. Move to eclectic music while sensing your body from the inside out. Janet has been teaching Nia for many years now and loves it! She enjoys the expression of movement and the playfulness of freedance, complimented with the great work out her body appreciates. She is passionate about the connections between music, visual art, movement, healing and nature and the magic they create together.

Guelph Youth Dance Training Program
[email protected]

Guelph Youth Dance offers dance training in downtown Guelph in a space full of light and sprung wooden floors.  Live percussion, which accompanies the contemporary technique classes, is integral to the dancer experience. Classes are offered in Creative Dance, Contemporary Technique/Composition, Ballet, Modern Jazz, Hip Hop and Conditioning for dancers 4-19 years. GYD’s demo will feature Kelly Steadman teaching a Modern Jazz class, appropriate for ages 8 and up (no previous experience necessary).

Kinetic Pilates and Rehabilitation – Katie Ewald
[email protected]

Pilates is an innovative system of body-mind exercises first developed by Joseph Pilates (1883-1967). At Kinetic Pilates and Rehabilitation, Katie works with students on postural symmetry and core control to facilitate optimal movement of the spine, hips, and shoulders.  Muscular flexibility, joint mobility and strengthening through the complete range of motion of all joints are incorporated into every class. Instead of isolating muscle groups, the whole body is trained, integrating the upper and lower extremities in every plane. Pilates is often referred to as the “thinking person’s” exercise. The student learns the value of paying attention to what they are doing in order to maximize the benefits of each exercise. What is quickly discovered is that awareness and mental focus make Pilates an effective, safe and deeply-felt exercise program. As a result, posture improves, and injuries and pain withdraw.

Katie’s demo will give you a taste of the benefits of Pilates!  By placing a strong emphasis on functional anatomy we will engage specific muscles, and release others. The class focuses on creating support for the legs and freedom for the spine, hips and shoulders. Participants will be directed through a series of exercises to strengthen the core, stretch the muscles and open the joints.  You will leave with a fantastic feeling of openness and grounded-ness! Appropriate for teens and adults.

Monique ten Kortenaar, The Mitzvah Technique
[email protected]

Developed by Nehemia Cohen in Toronto, the Mitzvah technique can help reduce and often eliminate pain and tension in one’s body, and it can improve posture and flexibility as well as make movement easier. This movement discipline encompasses manipulation of one’s body on a massage table by a Mitzvah Technique teacher, as well as specific stretches and the so-called “Mitzvah exercise on the chair” as a tool to release tension accumulation and stress in one’s body.

Rebecca Barnstaple, Dance Therapy
[email protected]
(705) 543 9670

Rebecca Barnstaple is a dance therapist from Midland, Ontario, recently graduated from the new National Centre for Dance Therapy at Les Grands Ballets in Montreal.  She is involved in research through York University on the effects of dance on the brain, as well as a PhD candidate in dance investigating the global shift in dance culture to include programs for improving health and well-being for all. Rebecca’s demo will have participants creating their own movement vocabulary in a fun way! Appropriate for all ages.

Janet Lemon Williams, Movement Therapy
[email protected]
226-821-2339 (C) / 519-837-0337 (H)

I primarily teach groups in what I describe as a collision of  Alexander Technique, Anatomy of Movement, Contact Improvisation, Dance, Developmental Movement, Pilates and Rolfing. My demo will be a group movement class that will help people become connected to their deep anatomical structures through movement. Appropriate for dancers, movers, somatic workers, age 12 and up.

Gyrokinesis® – Janet Johnson
[email protected]

Gyrokinesis® training blends flexibility, strength, spinal rotation,  patterning and ease of movement through a series of exercises based in the various rotations of the spine.  For both the body in rehabilitation as well as the body seeking greater ease of movement, Gyrokinesis training offers strength and  flexibility in a new, invigorating and thoughtful manner. While highly physical and filled with lush movement, Gyrokinesis exercise integrates several patterns of breathing and elements of Qi Gong practice, creating an inspired, intelligent and effective movement practice.

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