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Guelph Dance

2017 Youth Moves

Dancers under the age of 19 take the stage by storm with diverse contemporary works. Come see what six Southern Ontario dance schools plus one visiting company from Halifax are creating!

Youth Moves 2017

Dancers under the age of 19, whose exuberance and enthusiasm is as infectious as it is inspiring, perform eclectic and exciting works created by professional choreographers. Watch these youth now, and later you’ll be able to say you knew them when!

$18/20 (adult before/after May 28)
$15 (student/senior)
eyeGO: $5

Buy Youth Moves tickets online NOW or call the River Run Centre Box Office at 519-763-3000.


Carousel Dance Company (Waterloo)

Frenetic Cooling (2016)
Choreographer: Allen Kaeja, in collaboration with the dancers.

Breaking the barriers of partnering with unpredictability and momentum, Frenetic Cooling propels the architecture of the human body in a physical crossing of borders combining the spirits of these powerful individuals into a united force.  Just like molecules in an ever changing environment, the dancers react and share energy that propels them to a new level.

Contemporary School of Dance – CSA Dance Company (Waterloo)

Requiem for the Forgotten (2017)
Choreographer: Natasha L. Mansell

Through youth to adulthood, we navigate the constant evolution of our personality and shedding of previous ideals, encountering new experiences that stimulate a better understanding of our self. Dancers used instinctual somatic reflections to explore this individual growth over time, creating a holistic physical expression of the intensive emotions that change can instigate – disconnection, isolation, the sense of losing oneself – and the strength we have to move along the path of honouring the identity we create.

Dasein Dance School Young Company (London)

In A Moment (2017)
Choreographer: Lacey Smith

“Such a delicious melody has just come into my head, if I but had a sheet of music paper with me.” Thankfully someone quickly drew a few music lines on the back of a bill of fare and Franz Schubert’s immortal Serenade was born. It was written upon the inspiration of the moment in 1826, after simply reading a poem. Endeavouring to create the movement in the same conditions, this dance is based on the beauty and grace of each note and the spirit of creating In a Moment.

EnPointe Development Inc. Young Company (St. Thomas)

Through Time (2016)
Choreographer: Brandy Coghlin

Through Time was choreographed during a three-week summer ballet program held in London, Ontario during August 2016. The piece illustrates an evolution of movement and growth. The dancers performing have dedicated themselves thoughtfully to its expression.

Swansea School of Dance (Toronto)

The Forgotten Vowel (2012)
Choreographer: Lucy Rupert

Made in collaboration with the dancers, the work looks to mistakes, fidgeting and memory blanks to build a bit of quirkiness to the situation. With each new cast it takes a new shape. Like the forgotten vowel “y” — sometimes it’s a vowel, sometimes a consonant.

YMI Dancing (Toronto)

Dream (2013)
Choreographer: Mairéad Filgate

Dream explores the elusive world of dreams and was created by Mairéad Fligate along with the dancers of YMI. Both choreographer and dancers used inspiration from their own dreams to develop material for the piece. It is this investment and passion of the dancers that makes the piece come alive.
YMI 2014

Young Company of Halifax Dance (Halifax)

A new piece inspired by Hair: The Musical (2017)
Choreographer: Mary Lou Martin

Hair: The Musical was created at a time of great civil unrest in the United States. There were struggles and profound change in the anti-war movement, women’s liberation, gay rights, and freedom of speech. The parallels of these changes, questions, and changes to what is happening in our present day society is undeniable. Though the original musical was created in the late 60’s, we are still struggling with these important and vital questions of basic human rights and liberties today. Creating this piece allows us to face these topics in a way that will resonate and challenge a new generation of artists.

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