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Guelph Dance

2017 In the Park

SUNDAY, JUNE 4: In the Park will take place at Old Quebec Street Mall, 55 Wyndham St., N. It will still feature contemporary dance, street dance, hoop dancing, and up and coming young dancers!

Hanlon Creek Park

Friday, June 2, 6 pm – Hanlon Creek Park, Kortright Road West, Guelph, ON *

Exhibition Park

Saturday, June 3, 12 pm – Exhibition Park, London Road West, Guelph, ON, followed by the Dance Market, 1-2 pm, and the Creativity Picnic, 1-4 pm!

Sunday, June 4, 12 pmMOVED TO OLD QUEBEC STREET MALL, 55 Wyndham St., N.

Cost: pay-what-you-can (suggested donation of $15). Don’t carry cash? Donate online ahead of time!

Inclement weather venue: Old Quebec Street Mall

 Notification about the decision to move to indoor venue will be posted on the website and on Facebook. 

We’re having food trucks at our Friday and Saturday In the Park shows!! Check back soon to find out more details!


Toronto, ON

FACING Home: Love & Redemption (excerpts) (2015)
Choreography: Christopher Walker / Kevin A. Ormsby

FACING Home: Love & Redemption draws from the influences of reggae music, dancehall and Jamaican culture. Set to covers of Bob Marley’s music and the piece explores its global influence connection to larger social issues around stigma, misogyny, homophobia and hope.

FACING Home highlights the paradox around the West Indian preaching of liberation, we find in Marley’s music, while simultaneously oppressing the LGBTQ’s community’s ability to participate in family, community and culture,” mentions Choreographer Chris Walker, yet, it’s a hopeful “invitation to audiences to think of the global influence of Bob Marley’s music and its connection to larger social issues” exclaims Kevin A. Ormsby.

For more information on KasheDance, visit the Artist Bios page.

Lisa Odjig

Toronto, ON

Hoop Dance

Lisa Odjig, two time world champion hoop dancer, performs the North American Native Hoop Dance, a storytelling and celebration dance where she spins and twirls through 17 hoops.

For more information on Lisa Odjig McHayle, visit the Artist Bios page.

OURO Collective

Vancouver, BC

PACE (2015-16)
Choreography: OURO Collective (Cristina Bucci, Rina Pellein, Dean Placzek, Maiko Miyauchi, Mark Siller, Antonio Somera)

Working within the themes of human connection/disconnection, and living in a dense urban environment, PACE is OURO Collective’s second creation. PACE is a unique hybrid of breaking, waacking, hip hop, popping and contemporary dance which explores each collective member’s personal relationship with anxiety, competition, suppression, and isolation.

For more information on OURO Collective , visit the Artist Bios page.

Young Company of Halifax Dance & Guelph Youth Dance Company

Halifax, NS/Guelph, ON

Together We Rise: Adaptation of 15  for 15 (2016) by Mocean Dance

Choreography: From Halifax: Jacinte Armstrong, Rhonda Baker, Cory Bowles. Susanne Chui, Sara Coffin. Rebecca Lazier from New York City, Sharon Moore from Toronto, and Lesandra Dodson from Fredericton.

15 for 15 (2016), originally created for Mocean Dance,  is composed of 15 one-minute works created by 15 choreographers set on 15 dancers. Brian Riley’s original music animates the production. Mocean polled the Halifax arts community to come up with single words to describe Atlantic Canada’s dance scene. With descriptors that include “resilient”, “savage”, and “blooming”, each short work reflects one of the high-octane adjectives and offers an engaging sample of each creator’s individual aesthetic. Together We Rise is an adaptation of the original 15 for 15 piece, created for the large-scale collaboration of some 40 young artists from both Halifax Dance’s The Young Company and the Guelph Youth Dance Company.

For more information on Young Company of Halifax Dance and Guelph Youth Dance Company, visit the Artist Bios page.

Sifu Robin Young

Guelph, ON

Fut Shan Lion Dance

Sifu Young will lead the audience from dance to dance throughout the parks with the Southern Chinese “Fut Shan” Lion Dance. Traditionally, the lion dance is performed at festivals, Chinese New Year, business openings and weddings. It is a colourful, dynamic cultural tradition that is meant to bestow luck and fortune on all those in attendance. The dancers mimic mythical lion behaviours and emotions through physicality, manipulation of the facial expression of the lion and traditional music. They capture ferocity, curiosity, playfulness and fear in the telling of short stories of the lion’s adventures. Read Robin Young’s bio here.

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