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Guelph Dance

March CSA Nooner

Exciting new dance transforms University of Guelph’s University Centre Courtyard.

Friday, Mar 22, 2013 12:00 PM University Centre Courtyard, University of Guelph

Ritmo Flamenco Dance and Music Ensemble

Toronto, ON

Sombras de Locura
Choreographers: Anjelica Scannura
Dancers: Anjelica Scannura, Sachi O’Hoski, Laura Lelievre

The map of the soul is vast and within its vault lie memories buried in the unconscious self. Each person’s psyche is split into three. This piece shows a woman ready to initiate her “rite of passage” from one stage of life to the next – to open the vault of memories and relive them.

Ritmo Flamenco. Photo by Iden Ford Photography.

A Paso Lento (Tientos)
Choreographer: Valerie Scannura
Live Music: Roger Scannura

Tientos is the most subtle of all flamenco rhythms, the essence is difficult to capture without over complication. It is deep, soulful expression with sudden bursts of energy and power.

Ritmo Flamenco. Photo by Peter Lear.


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